Historic route, sector flight and Surfaces Bhirdar, Gondar, Aksum and Lalibela (10 Days and 9 Nights)

Day 1: Addis Ababa- Arrival in Addis Ababa and transfer to hotel. Afternoon site see in the capital city. Including, mount Entoto with a commanding view over the town, church of St Mary, Entot museum with a collection of royal objects and the grass thatched roof palace of king Menilk the 2nd of Ethiopia. Then back to the city for an extra visit of the National museum, Marcato and so on.

Day 2: Bahir Dar- Early morning transfers to the airport and fly to Bahir Dar. After check-in to hotel, boat trip over Lake Tana to see churches and monasteries on the islands of the lake. Have lunch back in Bahir Dar. In the afternoon, wonder around the town and drive to Bezawit hill to enjoy sunset over Lake Tana. Overnight hotel.

Day 3: Bahirda to Gondar- Morning drive to the Blue Nile falls. Return and have Lunch in Bahir Dar. Then in the afternoon, proceed to Gondar with a stop at Guzar palace.

Day 4: Gondar- Visit the castle's compound, Debre Birhan Sellasie church with its mural paintings, the bath of King Fasiledious, the old Kuskuam monastery with the second palace of Empress Mentewab.

Day 5: Gondar to Aksum- Drive to Axum through the Village of black Jewish people or locally know as Fellasha people, Kosoye and Limalimo hill with a spectacular view of the Semin mounains. Lunch picnic on the way. Overnight hotel in Aksum.

Day 6: Aksum- with a visit of the stele park, different archeological sites, the bath and the palace of Queen of Sheba, underground tombs, the church of St. Mary of Zion (where the original Ark of Covenant believe to have rested)

Day 7: Fly Aksum to Lalibela- (The 8th wonders of the world). In the afternoon, visit the first group of rock-hewn churches, this includes, Bete Medihanialem(the house of the saver of the world),Bete Mariam(the house of St.Mary), Bete Meskel(the house of the cross), Bete Denagil(the house of the Virgin myrtiers),Bete Golegotha-Micheal(the house of Golegotha and St. Micheal and Bete Giorgis(the house of St. George). Overnight hotel.

Day 8: Lalibela- Morning visit one of the churches out of the town. Mule treeking to the church of Asheten Mariam or car-driving excursion to the cave church of Naktule'ab or Yimrehane kirstos. PM, remaining churches in Lalibella.

Day 9: Lalibela to Addis Ababa- flies back to Addis Ababa. Balance of the day, shopping and site see in the town. Have Dinner at traditional restaurant with live tribal dances. Overnight hotel.

Day 10: Departure- Transfer to the airport for your departure home. End of the tour.