Addis Ababa

Literally Addis Ababa means "New flower". It is the capital city of Ethiopia founded in 1886 by the time of Emperor Menilik the Second.

Queen Tahaytu, his spouse played an important role for the existence of this metropolis as to serve the center of their monarch. Because of the incontinence location of their former capital, the volcanic mountain of Entoto, queen Tahaytu persuaded and convinced her husband to be given a plot of land by the side of the hot spring water located now at the heart of the capital. Then eventually, she built up a small house in the later days.

Addis Ababa is marked at the cross roads of the country with an altitude ranging in between 2500 to 2800 meters at Entoto peak, this enabled it to have a suitable climactic condition for human settlement and location of several organizations such as AU-African Union, UN-United Nation, ECA-Economic Commission for Africa, Embassies of different Countries and NGOs-Non Government Organizations.